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We Mix. We Boil. We Bake.

Our products are baked fresh everyday.  In order to ensure everything

is up to the highest standards we do not over bake our inventory. 

From time to time we may run out of a particular product. 

Please call us if you would like to reserve your favorites in advance.

Rows of bagels

Bagels & Bundles

Single $2.19  —  Half Dozen $10.95

Baker's Dozen $17.95

All of our baking is done in-house, with the finest and freshest ingredients. Our NY-style Bagels are mixed, boiled and baked and they sell out quickly. We have "17" daily flavors.  Make sure you don’t miss out and pick up a baker’s dozen today.


We Mix, We Boil, We Bake all our bagels fresh daily, because of this we do sell-out from time to time.. Please call us ahead to reserve your favorites. THANK YOU


Savory Breakfast Served All Day

At BagelCafé, we always guarantee to prepare the freshest Breakfast Sandwiches made to order. All of our sandwiches come with 2 eggs and are made with the finest, freshest natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on both our selection and quality. Our tasty Longhorn Breakfast sandwich is truly second to none. Come by to get yours today. You won’t regret it and neither will your tummy!

Hasher Sandwich with cup of black coffee
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 12.52.12 PM.png
BLT Lunch Sandwich


Tasty Sandwiches Served All Day

At BagelCafé, we only serve the freshest Deli Sandwiches that are made to order. All our sandwiches use fresh sliced meats and our bagels are baked daily and made with the finest, freshest natural ingredients. We pride ourselves on both our selection, and our quality. 

Muffins & Drinks

Fresh All Day

You can trust us when we tell you that our Blueberry Muffin is simply to die for. At BagelCafé we pride ourselves on the fact that we bake each of our delectable treats every day to ensure freshness. We use the highest quality, natural ingredients so each batch tastes just as delicious as it looks.

Four pans of freshly baked muffins
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